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Glaucoma Diagnosis and TreatmentWhether you prefer hanging your own Christmas lights or you just enjoy driving around neighborhoods filled with them, there’s something about Christmas lights that add an extra magical touch to the season. If, however, you have noticed that when you look at Christmas lights that you see a sort of starburst around them, that may be a sign of a vision problem like cataracts, corneal swelling (glaucoma), or just poor vision. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these conditions


There are many signs of cataracts but the most common sign is when you start to either have halos around your eyes or blurred vision. Another common sign of cataracts, however, is seeing starbursts when you are looking at a light at night. Usually, with cataracts, we will remove them and replace them with an artificial lens which will help restore your vision.


When too much corneal swelling takes place and too much pressure is placed on the eyes, it results in glaucoma which can cause vision problems like starbursts to form when you look at lights at night. As long as glaucoma is caught in the early stages, it is usually fairly manageable.

Poor Vision

If you currently wear glasses or contacts and have noticed that you are seeing starbursts at night then starbursts may be a sign you need a new, stronger prescription. If you have ever had to use glasses or contacts, then starbursts may be a sign that you need to get them. With a simple eye examination, Dr. T. Jeff Russell should be able to give you a prescription that will help strengthen your vision.

Seeing starbursts around Christmas lights isn’t something that anybody wants. Luckily, we can help. To learn more about these eye conditions or to get tested for them, contact Dr. T. Jeff Russel at our Dallas office and call us at (214) 522-2661

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