3 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Avoid

Contact Lenses Dallas TX Wearing contact lenses is as easy as 1,2, 3— until it isn’t. Although contact lenses are one of the fastest ways to get clearer vision without having to sport glasses, if you aren’t careful, you can get a serious eye infection. To make sure that your eyes stay as clean and healthy as possible, we have created a list of three things that every contact lens wearer should avoid.

Using Water to Clean Them

We’ve all been there— we go to put our contact lenses in their case at night only to realize we are out of contact solution. And although you may think that you can easily soak them in water overnight, that’s a big no-no. Water will not only dry out your lenses but the minerals in water–especially tap water— can cling to your contacts and cause an eye infection. If you don’t have any contact solution, try looking for a saline solution instead.

Not Washing Your Hands

Even the tiniest bit of dirt or dust can permanently scratch your cornea and cause irreversible eye damage. Remember that one of the most important things that you can do for your eyes is to wash your hands before you put in contact lenses. The cleaner your hands are— the safer your eyes will be.

Swimming In Chlorine

A pool filled with chlorinated water means that it’s clean, right? Unfortunately, chlorinated water isn’t going to do your contact wearing eyes any good. If you are a lap swimmer, make sure take out your contact lenses before getting into the pool. Chlorinated water cannot only irritate your eyes, but it can also contain some sneaky bacteria that may cause an infection.

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