Basic Tips of Wearing Contacts

Contact Lenses Dallas, TXWearing contacts can be a real pain for some people, and they certainly aren’t for everyone. If you have found more frustrating from wearing contacts because they seem to be itchy, not go in, and sometimes fall out on their own, then the real problem may be dry eye and not your contacts themselves. To help your contacts stay in and to help your eyes stay hydrated, we have a few basic tips for you.

Lubricate Beforehand

Yes, you can absolutely lubricate your eyes after you put your contacts in to help them feel moister, but if you have dehydrated eyes, then you should lubricate them with a lubricating gel before you go to bed. Because the gel will coat your eyes and have plenty of time to sit on them, it will get them ready for contacts in the morning.

Use Dailies

Dailies are disposable contacts that you wear once and then throw out. Some dailies are coated in a water-based solution which makes them more moisturizing and less drying on your eyes. Plus, because you only use them once, you are less likely to get dirt and bacteria on them which can also exacerbate your dry eyes.

Schedule an Appointment

Dry eyes can sometimes go away on their own with some lubricating drops, but we still encourage patients who have dry eye symptoms to come into our office to see Dr. T. Jeff Russell for a brief examination. During your exam, Dr. Russell will try to determine the cause of your dry eye and list all helpful treatment solutions.

Wearing contacts isn’t for everyone, but if you have dry eyes, they may make wearing contacts that much more uncomfortable. To learn more about dry eyes and dry eye treatment, schedule an eye exam with Dr. Russell at our Dallas Infinity Vision office today and call us at (214) 522-2661.

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