2 Natural Vision Changes Caused by Pregnancy Hormones

eye Conditions & Services Dallas, TXWhen it comes to pregnancy, it seems like it affects every part of your body; your brain, your body, your skin, your sleep, and your comfort level, but did you know that pregnancy can even affect your vision? From dry eyes to the inability to see clearly with contact lenses in, this article will discuss a few of the— thankfully, temporary— vision issues that some pregnant women experience. Read on to learn more.

Dry Eyes

Dry, itchy eyes can make you feel like you’re constantly having to blink to keep them moisturized. And although a passerby may be flattered by the awkward wink you gave them, you are only trying to keep your eyes comfortable and hydrated. As a part of pregnancy, hormone changes can reduce your eye’s ability to produce enough lubricating tears— leaving them feeling dried out and irritated. Luckily, Dr. T. Jeff Russell at Infinity Vision can recommend some all-natural eye drops that are safe to use during pregnancy, and that will help you feel like yourself once again.

Difficulty Wearing Contact Lenses

During pregnancy, your ankles may swell, your belly will grow bigger, and you likely won’t be able to button up your jeans anymore. And although that type of swelling is normal, did you also know it’s normal for your cornea to change shape and become thicker? When this happens, it can make your contact lenses hard to stay in or not be nearly as effective. This may surprise you at first, but it’s completely normal and should subside after pregnancy.

Hormones can do both wonderful and terrifying things to your body— especially when it comes to pregnancy. However, as a normal part of pregnancy, you may experience dry eyes and difficulty wearing contact lenses. If you do run into any of these vision changes, contact Dr. T. Jeff Russell and Infinity Vision to schedule an appointment.

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