How to See Your Valentine Better

Eye Care | Dallas, TXNothing’s quite as frustrating as sitting down to dinner with your date only to either not be able to hear them well, or worse, not be able to see them very well. If you have noticed that your vision is getting worse and you are dreading your Valentine’s Day candle lit dinner, then this article is definitely for you. From getting your eyes examined to making sure you actually wear your glasses, let’s take a closer look at some ways that you can ensure you actually see the person sitting across from you on Valentine’s Day.

Get Your Eyes Examined

On average, you should be getting your eyes professionally examined every year. If you can’t remember the last time that you had your eyes checked, then now is the best time to schedule your appointment with Dr. T. Jeff Russell. During your eye exam, we will check you for not only vision issues, but eye related diseases like dry eye,  glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Wear Your Glasses

Yes, you may not think that your glasses make you look like your fabulous self, but running into a wall because you can’t see it also won’t make you look great. If you have prescription eyeglasses, you aren’t going to do yourself any favors unless you actually wear them. Make sure that before you meet your date, that you are ready and equipped with either your glasses or your contact lenses.

Skip the Eye Makeup

Even though eye makeup is a great way to accentuate your eyes, it can also get in your eyes which can lead to a host of problems. If you find that your eye makeup causes you more grief than good, then consider skipping the eye makeup this Valentine’s; that way you can guarantee that you will actually be able to see your date.

Having the perfect vision on Valentine’s’ Day is a must if you want your date to go well. To learn more vision tips, contact us at our Dallas office at (214) 522-2661.

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