What Does Your Blurred Vision Mean?

Eye Conditions  Dallas, TXEveryone and their mom have experienced a little bit of blurred vision when they wake up in the morning, and their eyes are trying to adjust. However, if you have started to experience blurred vision all of the time or when you’re doing things like trying to see something far away or trying to read a book, then it may be indicative of an underlying eye condition.


Have you noticed that you can see things really where if they are far away but that you have more difficulty trying to see things up close? If so, then you may have a condition called hyperopia or farsightedness. Luckily, farsightedness is usually easily treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses.


Have you noticed that our blurred vision happens when you are trying to see things far away? Is it hard for you to see things like a menu at a fast food restaurant? If so, then you may have a condition called myopia or nearsightedness. Just like with hyperopia, myopia is easily treated with the help of eyeglasses or contacts.


If you are over the age of 40 and have started to notice that your vision gets blurry when you try to read or see anything up close then you may have a condition called presbyopia. Although symptoms of presbyopia and hyperopia are similar, presbyopia is caused when the lenses become less flexible.

If blurred vision has started to become your new normal, then schedule an eye examination with Dr. T. Jeff Russell at Infinity Vision. During Your eye exam, Dr. Russell will help determine what’s causing your blurred vision, offer a diagnosis, and help you start seeing things more clearly.

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