How to Distinguish Between a Stye and Pink Eye?

Eye Conditions Dallas, TXJust like with any part of your body, your eyes can easily develop viral and bacterial infections— leaving you with red, itching, tender, and even swollen eyes. As two common bacterial infections both stye and pink eye are fairly common amongst people of all ages— especially children. So, what are these two bacterial infections and how can they be treated?


If you start to experience a bump or two across your eyelid or close to your lash line, and your eyes are itching, tender, or swollen, you may have a stye. Styes are caused by a bacteria that most people already have in their bodies. Typically a stye will clear up on its own, and we encourage patients to place a clean, warm compress over the top. Because styes are contagious, we encourage patients to wash their hands regularly and to not share sheets, towels, and washcloths. If, your stye gets worse, schedule a consultation with Dr. T. Jeff Russell at Infinity Vision.

Pink Eye

If you haven’t ever had pink eye, consider yourself lucky. If you have a little one with the pink eye, try to keep them home from school because it’s extremely contagious. There are multiple types of the pink eye including bacterial, viral, and allergic. If you or your child has the bacterial pink eye, it can usually be treated with a warm compress and some eye drops. Make sure to wash all of your sheets, towels, and blankets so that it doesn’t spread.

Your eyes, just like the rest of your body, are prone to bacterial infections. If you suspect that you have a stye or pink eye, keep a close eye on it and then come into our office if you have any questions or concerns.

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