Back to School: 3 Reasons to Get Your Kids Eyes Checked

Eye Exam in Dallas, TXWhen it comes time to send your kids back to school, you may have never felt more ready. Not only will you finally have some peace and quiet at home, but your kids will finally be busy, and you won’t have to entertain them. In addition to getting their lunches packed, their backpacks stuffed, and their closets full of new things to wear, don’t forget to get their eyes checked, but why?

You Want them to See the Chalkboard

Whether your child’s school uses markerboards or chalkboards, you want your child to be able to see it. If your child starts the school year off being unable to see everything their teacher is writing down for them, they are going to have a hard time. And, if they feel discouraged, their self-esteem and their grades may suffer. By bringing them into our office at the beginning of the school year or before school starts, you can help them avoid the pain of not being able to see things at school.

You Will Have More Time

Even though your kids are back in school, carpooling them and their friends around can be stressful. Before you have to start shuttling them to and from soccer practice and piano lessons, bring them into our office while they still have a little bit of time. Although eye exams are fast, it’s easier to do them now before their schedule starts to fillup.

Let them Get Adjusted

If our child does need glasses, but they have never had them before, they may want a little bit of time to get adjusted to them before they start wearing them in public. The sooner they feel confident in them, the more ready they will be to get out there and show off their new shades.

Whether your child is about to start school or they already have, bring them into our office for an eye exam. To learn more, contact us at (214) 522-2661.

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