3 Myths About Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK/PRK Surgery Dallas, TXGoogle can be your best friend or your enemy. Although Googling things has made life a whole lot easier, it can also make you feel confused— especially when it comes to vision-related issues like Laser eye surgery. Luckily, here at Infinity Vision, Dr. T. Jeff Russell has you covered and is here to debunk three common myths about laser eye surgery. Let’s take a closer look!

Myth #1: It’s Painful

One of the biggest concerns that we hear from our patients is about how painful laser eye surgery is going to be. However, during the procedure, you won’t feel any pain. By placing numbing drops in your eyes, the most you will feel during surgery is a slight amount of pressure.

Myth #2: If Something Goes Wrong, It Can’t Be Fixed

You can rest assured that with laser eye surgery, the statistics are in your favor. It is reported that nearly 95 percent of LASIK patients have great results. And that rare 5% can have their vision improved further with a variety of other corrective treatments or procedures.

Myth #3: It Can Only Correct Nearsightedness

Another common myth surrounding laser eye surgery? That it can only correct nearsightedness. Although laser eye surgery can’t correct all issues, it can correct all refractive vision errors including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

One of the best things we can do for you and your vision is to be as transparent as possible–  that’s why we like to answer all of your vision questions and address all of your concerns. Rather than believing every scary thing you read online, we try to answer every question of yours so that you feel more confident in all of our procedures. If you are ready to schedule your laser eye surgery consultation, contact us at (214) 522-2661 today!

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