Eye Conditions Dallas, TX

How to Distinguish Between a Stye and Pink Eye?

Just like with any part of your body, your eyes can easily develop viral and bacterial infections— leaving you with red, itching, tender, and even swollen eyes. As two common bacterial infections both stye and pink eye are fairly common amongst people of all ages— especially children. So, what are these two bacterial infections and […]

3 Myths About Laser Eye Surgery

Google can be your best friend or your enemy. Although Googling things has made life a whole lot easier, it can also make you feel confused— especially when it comes to vision-related issues like Laser eye surgery. Luckily, here at Infinity Vision, Dr. T. Jeff Russell has you covered and is here to debunk three […]

Contact Lenses Dallas TX

3 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Avoid

Wearing contact lenses is as easy as 1,2, 3— until it isn’t. Although contact lenses are one of the fastest ways to get clearer vision without having to sport glasses, if you aren’t careful, you can get a serious eye infection. To make sure that your eyes stay as clean and healthy as possible, we […]

Dry Eye Treatment Dallas TX

Tear Jerker: Let’s Talk Tears

Let’s face it: those commercials about homeless pets on TV are enough to make anyone cry a river of tears. And although tears are one of the best ways to show off your emotions, they are there for more than that— they are there to lubricate and protect your eyes. There are two main types […]

Eye Exam Dallas, TX

3 Thanksgiving Foods to Improve Your Vision

Thanksgiving isn’t just the perfect opportunity to sit down and enjoy a dinner with your great aunt Bertha who you hadn’t seen since when you were little. In fact, Thanksgiving is about more than just gathering together with the ones you love most— it’s, believes it or not, about the food. And although there are […]

Dry Eye: The Truth Behind Your Tears

If you have started to suffer from itchy, burning, watery, or even dry feeling eyes, you may have an eye condition called the dry eye. Dry eye is an eye condition that affects nearly 5 million Americans— which makes you no anomaly if you get diagnosed with it. Chronic dry eye is caused by a […]

Dry eye Dallas, TX

How to Treat Dry Eye

Having dry eyes can do the opposite of what you may think; they can make your eyes flood uncontrollably without you even crying. As a condition caused by environmental factors, hormonal changes, medications, or even an underlying eye disease, a chronic dry eye is beyond a nuisance. Luckily, there are a variety of treatments that […]

eye Conditions & Services Dallas, TX

2 Natural Vision Changes Caused by Pregnancy Hormones

When it comes to pregnancy, it seems like it affects every part of your body; your brain, your body, your skin, your sleep, and your comfort level, but did you know that pregnancy can even affect your vision? From dry eyes to the inability to see clearly with contact lenses in, this article will discuss […]

Contact Lenses Dallas

How to Properly Take Care of Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the greatest invention since, well, the wheel— especially for those who are sick of wearing glasses all of the time. And although contact lenses are an easy way to see clearly without having to sport glasses on your nose all day long, they do require a bit of upkeep— of which, many […]

Retinal Exam in Dallas, TX

How to See to Infinity and Beyond

Buzz Lightyear himself made the phrase, “To Infinity and Beyond” more than famous in the hit 1990’s Pixar film, Toy Story. And although Buzz is a fictional character, there are some things about him that you may covet; including his ability to see to infinity and beyond. If you have noticed that your eyesight simply […]

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