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cataract surgery dallas tx

When the naturally clear flexible lens of the eye becomes dense, cloudy, and loses its transparency it is called a Cataract. Symptoms of a cataract include blurred or hazy vision, diminished color vision, and glare.

These symptoms are often worse in low light conditions or night. Cataract surgery at Infinity Vision Dallas in Texas can be considered when daily activities are affected by decreased vision.

Cataract Eye Surgery Procedure

  • Relaxation medication is given along with topical anesthetic eye drops.
  • A tiny incision (less than 1/8 inch) is made at the edge of the cornea.
  • Ultrasound is used to emulsify or liquefy the cloudy cataract.
  • An intraocular lens implant is then folded and placed securely inside the original lens capsule.
  • Antibiotics are placed inside the eye and the incision is sealed naturally by the internal pressure of the eye.


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Cataract Removal at Infinity Vision

Infinity Vision Dallas has been on the cutting edge of modern cataract surgery performing ‘no stitch’ cataract surgery since 1991 and ‘no shot, no patch’ cataract surgery exclusively since 1994. These techniques maximize quality vision while minimizing risk. We were one of the first practices in the U.S. to use aspheric intraocular lenses (IOL) to correct vision after cataract surgery. Aspheric optics have become the worldwide ‘gold standard’ to produce high quality, high contrast vision.


Full activities, except driving on the day of surgery, can be restarted immediately. Eyedrops are used to promote proper healing. A follow-up exam in the office is arranged within 48 hours.

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Patient Reviews

Very thorough, high-tech equipment, conservative treatment philosophy, knowledgeable doctor, good bedside manner. All-in-all, an excellent physician for eye problems. Met my wife and me on an emergency basis on a Sunday morning.

Dr. Russell is an excellent doctor with a wonderful bedside manner. He did cataract surgery on my eyes and he knows cutting edge procedures. I can’t imagine that there is a better doctor in Dallas. The entire office staff is like a loving family. Great experience!
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