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Contact Lenses in Dallas, TX

Contact Lenses

There are many different kinds of contacts, including rigid and soft, extended wear, daily disposable and planned replacement lenses. Some can be made as bifocals or in different colors… Read more »

Dry Eye Management in Dallas, TX

Dry Eye Management

Dry eye occurs when the tear film is insufficient to properly moisturize the cornea leading to blurred vision, itching, redness and pain… Read more »

Retinal Exam and Consultation in Dallas, TX

Retinal Exam and Consultation

A healthy retina is essential to maintaining clear vision and overall eye functioning. During a retinal exam and consultation, your doctor will perform series of diagnostic procedures in order to evaluate the retina… Read more »

Cataract Surgery in Dallas, TX

Cataract Surgery

We have been on the cutting edge of modern cataract surgery performing ‘no stitch’ cataract surgery since 1991 and ‘no shot, no patch’ cataract surgery exclusively since 1994… Read more »

Premium Cataract Surgery in Dallas, TX

Premium Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, artificial lenses are implanted in the eye to replace the cloudy natural lenses. These artificial lenses, known as intraocular lenses (IOLs)… Read more »

Laser Refractive Surgery in Dallas, TX

Laser Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgeries improve vision and reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. A thorough eye examination and consultation are necessary before a treatment decision can be made… Read more »

LASIK/PRK in Dallas, TX


Refractive surgery aims to correct nearsightedness (Myopia), farsightedness (Hyperopia) and astigmatism. LASIK or PRK is often used to fine tune the refractive results of previous cataract surgery… Read more »

Glaucoma Treatment in Dallas, TX | Glaucoma Surgery in Dallas, TX


While some patients may experience symptoms from glaucoma as the disease progresses, others do not learn they have the condition until they undergo a routine eye exam… Read more »

Corneal Transplantation in Dallas, TX

Corneal Transplantation

Corneal transplantation, or keratoplasty, is recommended when the cornea becomes opaque, swollen, or irregularly shaped due to extensive damage that occurs due to disease, infection or injury… Read more »

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