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What is a Retinal Exam?

A healthy retina is essential to maintaining clear vision and overall eye functioning. A retinal exam at Infinity Vision Dallas in Texas may be recommended by your doctor if any potential retinal abnormalities were detected during a general eye exam, or for patients at a higher risk of developing retinal conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration, retinal detachment and more.

During a retinal exam and consultation, your doctor will perform series of diagnostic procedures in order to evaluate the retina for any signs of disease or abnormalities. These tests may include visual field test, fundus photography, and ocular coherence tomography (OCT) and more.

Your doctor will take the time to discuss the results of your exams, as well as any potential risks of retinal disease with you. Patient education and understanding is a top priority of our practice, as it often helps patients achieve the most effective treatment as they know how to care for their condition.

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