Why You Should Ogle Over Goggles

Eye CareWhether you are swimming laps or helping your little ones dive for diving rings while in the pool, you may think that goggles are optional. No, goggles may not be the most fashionable thing to wear while at the public swimming pool, but they can save your eyesight from chlorine damage. Even though pools may need chlorine in them to keep them sanitary, chlorine is the last thing you want in your eyes. But why?


If you think about it this way, not only are strangers bodies going into the pool but other things like leaves, sticks, dirt, and debris are also going into the swimming pool. And when all of that stuff comes into contact with your eyes, it isn’t going to be good.


Chlorine is excellent at keeping things sanitary, but it’s not ideal for your eyesight. Have you ever noticed that after you open your eyes in the water that you come out with them feeling tired and irritated? That’s because chlorine can dry your eyes out which is only going to lead to vision problems later on down the line if you continue not to wear them.


What to look for in goggles

If you are going to be doing lap swimming or any type of outdoor swimming this summer, then look for goggles that not only fit well but that have UV protection as well; this will help shield your eyes from sun damage while in the reflective water. Additionally, make sure that you find goggles that fit well enough to not let water in, but that isn’t so tight that it feels like your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head.


No, you don’t have to post a picture of yourself wearing goggles on Instagram, but you should definitely wear them while you’re swimming. To learn more about summer eyewear and safety tips, contact us at our Dallas office today and call us at (214) 522-2661.

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