What Your Genes Could Tell You about Your Eyesight

Eye Conditions Services Dallas, TXYou know that you got your grandmother’s laugh, your dad’s smile, and your mother’s overall good looks, but there are some other genetic factors that you may have gotten that aren’t as easy to spot— at least to the naked eye— like your vision. If you take a look at your parents and grandparents vision, you may be surprised to learn that you have more in common with them than you may have otherwise thought. From glaucoma to cataracts, let’s take a closer look at what your genes can tell you about your eyesight.


There are several scientific studies out there that have pointed to the fact that genetics play a large role in the development of glaucoma. Specifically, the most common type of glaucoma, open angle glaucoma, is hereditary. And although heredity isn’t a guaranteed indicator that you’re going to get glaucoma, it definitely puts you at a greater risk of getting it at some point in your life.


There are several factors that contribute to nearsightedness and genetics are just one of them. There are several scientific studies that show that people who are nearsighted tend to have children (even young children) with this same condition.


For the most part, cataracts develop as a result of injury or aging. However, there is some scientific evidence that points to the fact that there are some inherited genetic conditions that can put you at an increased risk of developing cataracts.

The genetics behind poor vision is less about pointing fingers at your relatives and more about understanding how these genes play a role in your health. If you have a family history of glaucoma or cataracts, make sure to tell Dr. T. Jeff Russell during your next appointment. To schedule an eye examination or to learn more about hereditary eye diseases, contact our Dallas office today and call us at (214) 522-2661.

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